Architecture of Kashmir Glossary

CHOKI : low seating area esp. in traditional kitchens

DAN : [Chulah] Kitchen hearth

DEEDH : Doorway

DHAJJI-DEWARI : Timber braced frame with masonry infill

DOUR : Pendants hanging from roof corners

DUB : Projecting window featuring wooden latticework

JAALI : Open filigree of carved wood

KHAM SEER : Sun dried brick

MAHARAJI SEER : Small fired bricks used in traditional construction

MITZ BOR: Mud-and-straw mixture used as an insulating wall covering.

NAQASHI : Intricate decorative patterns

PINJARAKARI : Open filigree of carved wood

SEER : Brick

TAQ : Load-bearing walls with tied wooden beams at floor level