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The Golden Years 1953 - 1964

Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed set Kashmir on the road to progress, pulling its people out of the depths of ignorance, hunger and backwardness. He gave a practical shape to the ideal of "Naya Kashmir", remained steadfast on his principles and earned enormous fame and goodwill at home and outside Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir made tremendous all-round progress under Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed. Targets were fixed and achieved or exceeded in all productive sectors while new avenues of development were identified and explored.

-The State income rose from a mere INR 2.5 lacs to over INR 2 crores in a few years with the per-capita income showing a corresponding increase.

-Education, which had hitherto remained the exclusive privilege of a few rich families was made free and compulsary from primary to university level. Interest-free loans raised the number of techically qualified people from only 57 in 1952 to 4770 in 1963.

-The system of  forced levy of foodgrains known as Mujawaza was abolished.

-The state got its first Medical College, an Regional Engineering college, two agricultural colleges, two polytechnics, an ayurvedic college as well as hundreds of new schools.

-Hospitals and dispensaries were set up throughout the state and hundreds of doctors were trained within the State or nominated to the best colleges in India.

-Roads were constructed and upgraded throughout the length and breadth of the State. The Jawahar Tunnel, considered a major technical achievement at the time, was constructed .

-Tourism infrastructure recieved a major boost.

-Power availability increased from 4,000 kilowatts to 31,000 kilowatts.

-Several corporations were set up to develop the industrial potential of the State.

-The salaries of government servants were trebled and dearness allowance was introduced for pensioners.

-Housing schemes were started and over 30,000 homeless persons were rehabilitated.

-The State Public Service Commision was constituted.

-The Academy of Art, Culture and Languages was set up and the Tagore Hall was constructed.

-Chrar-e-Sharif, Pakherpora and other shrines were beautified and connected through by motorable roads to enable thousands of devotees to reach these holy places easily.

-The first Multi-Storey Secretariat Building and Sports Stadium in the state were constructed.

It is difficult to condense all the progress made during the Bakshi Era (1953-1964) in a short space. For a more detailed listing please click here.

          What is amazing however is that he achieved all this with so little.

The Central loans and grants recieved by the state from 1953-1964 totalled
just INR 75.34 crores and INR 27.38 crores respectively !

The introduction of planned progress in the State of Jammu and Kashmir is the enduring legacy
of  Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed to his people.