The Hangul or Kashmir Stag is the State Animal of Jammu & Kashmir.


[ Cervus elaphus hanglu ]


          The Hangul  is the only surviving race of the Red Deer family of Europe in the sub-continent since the Shou (Cervus elaphus wallichi) of Bhutan is now considered extinct by experts. Hangul stags are prized for their magnificent head of antlers, having 11 to 16 points.
          The Hangul is listed as an endangered species in the Red Data Book of the international Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Dachigam is home to the last viable population of Hangul in the world which has dwindled from 2000 animals in 1947 to a distressing 170 in 2003. Latest figures indicate that the population may be well below 150 animals with less than 20 adult males.



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