Birds of Kashmir listed in ‘Valley of Kashmir’  by W.R. Lawrence

  Accentor, Jerdon's
Bee-Eater, European
Bittern, Yellow
Bittern, Little European
Blackbird, Central-Asian
Blackbird, Grey-winged
Blue-throat, Indian
Bulbul, White-Cheeked Crested
Bullfinch, Orange
Bullfinch, Red-Headed
Bunting, Eastern Meadow
Bunting, Kashmir Grey-Headed
Bunting, Pine
Bunting, White-Capped
Bush-Chat, Indian
Bush-Robin, Red-Flanked
Buzzard, Common
Buzzard, Long-Legged
Chough, Red-Billed
Chough, Yellow-Billed
Coot, Bald
Cormorant, Lesser
Crake, Eastern
Crane, Lord Lilford's
Creeper, Wall
Crow, Eastern Hooded
Crow, European Carrion
Crow, Jungle
Cuckoo, European
Cuckoo, Pied Crested
Dipper, Brown
Dipper, White-Breasted Asiatic
Dove, Indian Ring
Dove, Rufous Turtle
Drongo, Indian Ashy
Duck, Brahminy
Duck, Tufted
Duck, White-Eyed
Duck, White-Faced Stiff-Tailed
Eagle, Golden
Eagle, Imperial
Eagle, Pallas Fish/Sea
Eagle, Steppe
Egret, Smaller
Falcon, Peregrine
Finch, Gold-Fronted
Finch, Red-Browed
Finch-Lark, Desert
Flycatcher, Hodgson's Grey-Headed
Flycatcher, Indian Paradise
Flycatcher, Indian Red-Breasted
Flycatcher, Rufous-Tailed
Flycatcher, Slaty-Blue
Flycatcher, Sooty
Flycatcher, Verditer
Flycatcher, White-Browed Blue
Fork-tail, Little
Fork-tail, Spotted
Goldfinch, Himalayan
Goose, Grey
Grebe, Indian Little
Greenfinch, Himalayan
Grosbeak, Black & Yellow
Grosbeak, Spotted-Winged
Grouse, Sand
Gull, Laughing
Harrier, Hen
Harrier, Marsh
Heron, Blue
Heron, Pond
Hobby, Indian
Hoopoe, European
House-Martin, Common
House-Martin, Kashmir
Jacana, Pheasant-Tailed
Jackdaw, White-Necked
Kingfisher, Common Indian
Kingfisher, Pied
Kite, Common Pariah
Lapwing, Crested
Lapwing, Red-Wattled
Lark, Eastern Calandra
Lark, Long-Billed Horned
Laughing Thrush, Rufous-Chinned
Laughing Thrush, Streaked
Laughing Thrush, Western Variegated
Magpie, Common Indian
Magpie, Yellow-Billed Blue
Minivet, Short-Billed
Myna, Common
Nutcracker, Many-Spotted
Nuthatch, Brook's
Nuthatch, White-Cheeked
Oriole, Indian 
Ouzel, Black-Throated
Ouzel, Grey-Headed
Owl, Himalayan Wood 
Owl, Long-Eared
Owl, Rock Horned
Owlet, Pygmy Collared
Parakeet, Slaty-Headed 
Pheasant, Koklas 
Pheasant, Monal 
Pheasant, Simla Horned
Pigeon, Blue Rock 
Pigeon, Himalaya Wood
Pigeon, Snow 
Pipit, Brown Rock
Pipit, Hodgson's
Plover, Lesser Ringed 
Pochard, Red-Crested 
Pochard, Red-Headed
Quail, Large Grey 
Raven, European 
Redstart, Blue-Fronted
Redstart, Eversmann's
Redstart, Plumbeous
Redstart, White-Capped
Roller, European
Rosefinch, Common 
Rosefinch, Pink-Browed
Sandpiper, Common 
Sandpiper, Wood 
Shrike, Rufous-Backed
Skylark, Indian 
Snipe, Common 
Snipe, Himalayan Solitary
Snipe, Painted 
Snow Partridge 
Snowcock, Himalayan
Sparrow, Cinnamon Tree 
Sparrow, Indian House 
Sparrow-Hawk, European
Starling, Central-Asian
Starling, Common Indian 
Starling, Himalayan
Stork, White-Necked ?
Swallow, Common 
Swift, Alpine 
Swift, Hodgon's Spine-Tailed
Swift, Pallid 
Teal, Blue-Winged
Teal, Common 
Tern, European Common
Thick-Knee  Common
Thrush, Blue Rock 
Thrush, Blue-Headed Rock 
Thrush, Dusky Ground
Thrush, Yellow-Billed Whistling
Tit, Crested Black 
Tit, Crested Brown
Tit, Green-Backed 
Tit, Indian Grey
Tit, White-Throated
Tit, Yellow-Browed
Tree Creeper, Himalayan 
Tree Creeper, Hodgson's
Vulture, Bay
Vulture, Indian Scavenger
Vulture, Long-Billed Brown
Wagtail, Grey
Wagtail, Hodgson's Pied 
Wagtail, Indian Blue-Headed
Wagtail, Yellow-Headed 
Warbler, Brown Hill
Warbler, Hume's Lesser White-Throated
Warbler, Indian Great Reed
Warbler, Indian Lesser White-Throated
Warbler, Indian Wren
Warbler, Large-Billed Bush
Warbler, Pale Bush
Wheatear, Gould's
Willow-Warbler, Blyth's Crowned
Willow-Warbler, Brook's
Willow-Warbler, Brown
Willow-Warbler, Green
Willow-Warbler, Olivaceous
Willow-Warbler, Tytler's
Woodpecker, Himalayan Pied
Woodpecker, Scaly-Bellied Green 
Wren, Kashmir 
Wryneck, Common 

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