Seasonal Distribution

  • This Seasonal Distribution table lists confirmed sightings by the webmaster along with the month of sighting in the Kashmir Valley. Here is a list of the 20 Commonest Birds in Kashmir.

  • Clicking a particular month will open a new page listing all birds observed in that month.. This list is heavily skewed towards Srinagar City and its environs.

  • Migratory Waterfowl are not included but are listed here. Over a million waterfowl from Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Japan wintering along the 'Central Asian-Indian Flyway' also called the 'Indus Flyway' visit the valley during the winter months (October to February) These include migratory geese, ducks, shorebirds and gulls.

  • Some species difficult to identify individually like Warblers are grouped in a single column.

Kashmiri Season W Shishur Sont Grishm Wahrat Harud Wandh
Season W Frost Spring Summer Rains Autumn Winter
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Accentor, Black-throated
Barbet, Great
Bee-eater, European
Bittern, Little
Blackbird, Grey-winged
Bluetail, Red-flanked
Bulbul, Black
Bulbul, Himalayan
Bullfinch, Orange
Bunting, Rock
Bushchat, Grey
Buzzard species
Cormorant, Great
Crow, House
Crow, Jungle
Cuckoo, Eurasian
Cuckoo, Lesser
Dipper, Brown
Dove, Eurasian Collared
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Oriental Turtle
Drongo, Ashy
Eagle, Booted
Eagle, Steppe
Egret, Great
Egret, Little
Finch, Plain Mountain
Flycatcher, Dark-sided
Flycatcher, Kashmir
Flycatcher, Red-throated
Flycatcher, Rusty-tailed
Flycatcher, Slaty-blue
Flycatcher, Ultramarine
Flycatcher, Verditer
Forktail, Spotted
Forktail, Little
Goldfinch, European
Grebe, Great Crested
Grebe, Little
Greenfinch, Yellow-breasted
Griffon, Himalayan
Grosbeak, Black-and-yellow
Harrier, Eurasian Marsh
Harrier, Hen
Heron, Black-crowned Night
Heron, Grey
Heron, Indian Pond
Hobby, Eurasian
Hoopoe, Common
Jacana, Pheasant-tailed
Jackdaw, Eurasian
Kestrel, Common
Kingfisher, Common
Kingfisher, Pied
Kingfisher, White-throated
Kite, Black
Koel, Asian
Lapwing, Red-wattled
Laughingthrush, Streaked
Laughingthrush, Variegated
Magpie, Eurasian
Magpie, Yellow-billed Blue
Minivet, Long-tailed
Moorhen, Common
Myna, Common
Nutcracker, Spotted
Nuthatch, Kashmir
Oriole, Eurasian Golden
Owl, Barn
Owl, Long-eared
Owlet, Collared
Paradise-flycatcher, Asian
Parakeet, Alexandrine
Parakeet, Rose-ringed
Parakeet, Slaty-headed
Piculet, Speckled
Pigeon, Rock
Pipit, Rosy                        
Pipit, Tree                        
Pipit, Water
Redstart, Blue-capped
Redstart, Plumbeous Water
Redstart, White-capped Water
Robin, Golden Bush
Roller, European
Rosefinch, Common
Sandpiper species
Shrike, Long-Tailed
Sparrow, House
Sparrow, Russet
Sparrowhawk, Eurasian
Starling, Brahminy
Starling, Common
Starling, Rosy
Stilt, Black-winged
Stint species
Stonechat, Common
Stork, Black
Swallow, Barn
Tern, Whiskered
Thrush, Blue-capped Rock
Thrush, Blue Whistling
Thrush, Chestnut
Thrush, Dark-throated
Thrush, Tickell's
Tit, Green-backed
Tit, Great
Tit, Rufous-naped
Tit, Rufous-vented
Tit, Spot-winged
Tit, White-throated
Treecreeper, Bar-tailed
Wagtail, Citrine
Wagtail, Grey
Wagtail, White
Warbler species
Wheatear, Isabelline
White-eye, Oriental
Whitethroat, Lesser
Woodpecker, Brown-fronted
Woodpecker, Himalayan
Woodpecker, Scaly-bellied
Wren, Winter
Wryneck, Eurasian


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