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Myths, Mysteries and Legends

Unsurprisingly for a land as ancient as Kashmir, there are a number of myths, mysteries and legends. The two most intriguing  are Erich von Daniken's theory about the glorious Sun Temple at Martand and the legend that Jesus is buried at a small tomb in Old Srinagar.

Martand - A space station ?

Was the Sun Temple at Martand a landing zone for space travellers in ancient times? Well, Erich von Daniken, the author of books like 'The Chariots of the Gods', is convinced that it was.

Erich von Daniken sold over forty million books presenting his theories that the Earth was visited by extra-terrestrials some 10,000 to 40,000 years ago. As evidence Von Daniken points to the countless legends seen in cultures around the world that tell of winged gods or flying machines. According to the author these were inspired, not by flights of fancy in the teller's mind, but by actual visits down through the ages of aliens with their advanced technology. For more tangible proof Von Daniken points to archaeological oddities found around the world including the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the famous mysterious lines in Peru's Nazca Plain and the colossal Sun Temple at Martand amongst others. 

Rozabal - The Tomb of Jesus

According to legend Jesus Christ's tomb lies at Rozabal in Srinagar's old town . "Rozabal" is an abbreviation of Rauza Bal, meaning "tomb of a prophet". Isa (the Islamic name for Christ) was in fact also known as Yuz Asaf (Leader of the Healed). At the entrance there is an inscription explaining that Yuz Asaf is buried along with another Moslem saint. Both have gravestones which are oriented in North-South direction, according to Moslem tradition. However, through a small opening the true burial chamber can be seen, in which there is the Sarcophagus of Yuz Asaf in East-West (Jewish) orientation.

According to advocates of this theory there are carved footprints on the grave stones and when closely examined, carved images of a crucifix and a rosary. The footprints of Yuz Asaf have what appear to be scars represented on both feet, if one assumes that they are crucifixion scars, then their position is consistent with the scars shown in the Turin Shroud (left foot nailed over right). Crucifixion was not practised in Asia, so it is quite possible that they were inflicted elsewhere, such as the Middle East. The tomb is called by some as "Hazrat Issa Sahib" or "Tomb of the Lord Master Jesus". Ancient records acknowledge the existence of the tomb as long ago as 112AD.

Thus the legend  that  Jesus Christ Himself is buried in Kashmir!

Myths, Mysteries and Legends

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