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Note : Information and photographs of Fishes of Kashmir courtesy Dr. Ashaq Hussain. | | Updates courtesy Shaheen Majeed.

ORDER: Cypriniformes
Family Cyprinidae
                    Subfamily Cyprininae
                              Tribe Cyprinini
Cyprinus carpio {introduced}
                                        Carassius carassius {introduced} |Gung Gaad|
                                        Tor tor (Red-finned Mahseer) {re-introduced}
                                        ● Tor macrolepis/Tor putitora/Labeobarbus macrolepis (Golden or Yellow-finned Mahseer) {?} |Tattur|

                              Tribe Systomini
Puntius conchonius {introduced}

                              Tribe Oreinini
Schizothorax plagiostomus
Schizothoras labiatus 
                                        Schizothorax curvifrons |Sattar|
Schizothorax niger |Algaad|
                                        ● Schizothorax esocinus |Chhurn|
                                        ● Schizothorax planifrons |Chush|
                                        ● Schizothorax richandsonii |Khront|
Schizothorax micropogon |Chattar|
                                        ● Schizothorax longipinnis |Dap Gaad|
                                        ● Schizothorax nasus |Dongu Gaad|
Schizothorax progastus |Dinaw Gaad|
                                        ● Schizothorax sinuatus |Tshesh Gaad|

                              Tribe Labeonini
Bangana diplostoma|Raput|
                                        Crossocheilus diplochilus/Tylognathus barbatutus (Kashmir Latia) |Guran/Tattu Gaad/Tethur|

          Family Cobitidae
Subfamily Botiinae
                                        Botia birdi |Ram Gurun|

          Family Balitoridae
                    Subfamily Nemacheilinae
                                        ● Schistura punjabensis
                                        Triplophysa marmorata
                                        ● Triplophysa kashmirensis |Aar gurun|

ORDER: Siluriformes

Family Sisoridae
                                        Glyptosternon reticulatum
 Glyptothorax kashmirensis |Unyor|
Glyptothorax pectinopterus


ORDER: Salmoniformes

          Family Salmonidae
                    Subfamily Salmoninae
                                        Brown Trout [Salmo trutta] {introduced}
Rainbow trout [Oncorynchus mykiss] {introduced}


ORDER: Cyprinodontiformes

          Family Poeciliidae
                    Subfamily Poeciliinae
                                        Gambusia holbrooki {introduced}
                                        ● Gambusia affinis |Mahi Gaad|

Mammals Birds Reptiles Amphibians Fishes Arthropods
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