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  • Subclass Lepidosauria
  • Order Squamata

  • Suborder Sauria (Lacertilia) - Lizards

  • Infraorder Iguania

    Family Agamidae (Agamas)
    Laudakia tuberculata [Kashmir Rock Agama]
    Laudakia himalayana [Himalayan Agama]
    Phrynocephalus theobaldi [Theobald's Toad-headed Agama/Blyth's Toad Agama]
    Phrynocephalus reticulatus [Toad Agama]

  • Infraorder Gekkota

    Family Gekkonidae (Geckoes)
    Cyrtodactylus stoliczkai [Frontier Bow-fingered Gecko/Ladakhian Gecko]

  • Infraorder Scincomorpha

    Family Scincidae (Skinks)
    Scincella himalayana [Ground Skink]
    Scincella ladacensis [Ladakh Ground Skink]

  • Suborder Ophidia (Serpentes) - Snakes

    Family Boidae

    Eryx conicus [Common Sand Boa/Russell's Earth Boa

    Family Colubridae
    Coluber rhodorhachis [Cliff Racer]
    Coluber ventromaculatus [Glossy-bellied Racer/Hardwicke's Rat Snake/Gary's Rat Snake]
    Ptyas mucosus [Dhaman or Common Rat Snake]
    Elapha hodgsoni [Himalayan Trinket Snake/Hodgson's Rat Snake]
    Dinodon septentrionalis [White-banded Wolf Snake, Northern Large-toothed Snake]
    Amphiesma platyceps [Himalayan Keelback/Eastern-striped Keelback]
    Amphiesma stolata [Buff-striped Keelback]
    Xenochrophis piscator [Checkered Keelback]
    Trachischium fuscum [Oriental Slender Snake]
    Boiga multilasdata [Blyth's Cat Snake]
    Boiga Irigonala [Indian Gamma or Cat Snake]

    Family Viperidae (Vipers)
    Vipera lebetina [Levantine Viper] *Gunas ? *

    Family Crotalidae (Pit Vipers)
    Gloydius himalayanus [Himalayan Pit Viper]

Mammals Gastropods Reptiles Arachnids Aquatic Insects
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